Limoncello Chicken

One day I’ve got bored of drinking Limoncello and I’ve started to add it to my chicken dishes!

4 chicken thigh (whitout skins and without bones)

5 cloves garlic (chopped in half)

2 teaspoons sea salt (optional)

250 ml or 1 cup Limoncello

Juice of 2 large lemons (4 lemons, if small)

juice of 1 orange

lemon slices

Add the garlic to a dry non-stick pan.

Do not add oil to the pan, as this will help sear in the juices of the chicken once it is placed on the heat. By the way, the natural chicken fat will be more than enough.

Heat the garlic over a high flame until the garlic becomes very hot, but not burned. Use a wooden spoon to turn the garlic to release its natural oils.

Add the chicken to the pan. You should hear the chicken sizzle. This is an important step as you must sear in the flavor to seal the juices in the chicken. Once the surface of the chicken has caramelized, (i.e. is golden brown) about 2 minutes, turn over the chicken and caramelize this side too for other 2 minutes.

Cover with an hermetic lid and cook 10 minutes per side.

You should see the natural juices of the chicken have came out. Now, you may uncover the chicken and add the Limoncello, lemon juice and orange juice to the pan. Continue cooking over low heat until the Limoncello, lemon and orange juice reduce and start to became like a caramel molasses.

Add at the end (just before serving) fresh lemon slices.

SUGGESTION: Use a non-stick pan to make this recipe. A non-stick pan allows the chicken to seal in the flavor without burning the skin or sticking to the pan when it is seared over a high flame. It is good for the pan to be a little crowded with the chicken. The juice is more concentrated in a smaller pan once the chicken starts to render its juices.

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