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Marina in Cucina cooking class Positano

eager and aglow for food 


Born and raised in Italy. I love to create special treats and events, from Carbonara to Limoncello Chicken to Scapece Zucchini, all freshly prepared outdoors in front of the sea and then cooked in my kitchen overlooking Li Galli Island.


I am a Sommelier as well as an Interior Designer and I have traveled around the world to feed myself with images from markets, smells from restaurants and tastes from grandmother's kitchen and experimenting with fusion cuisine. With all this background, I designed a series of menus based on different traditional themes and ingredients.


My programs meet everybody's needs and tastes, individuals and groups. I organize half-day cooking classes and other customised services "à la carte" to cater to your specific requests.


My love for cooking will blends cultural aspects of cuisine, nutrition, new sensations and fun into an exclusive and intimate experience.

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