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Green salad with Mango & Leek dressing

....while here in Adelaide I just thought I would like to cook with local ingredients, the same way I would do back home in Italy. And this is what happened today.

-serve 4-

200 gr lollo salad

200 gr curly escarole

200 gr kage, already cleaned

half mango, chopped

100 gr leek, chopped

50 ml coconout water

1 pinch of salt

Clean, wash and rinse salds. Place in a bowl.

Prepare the dressing: in a food processor put together all the remaning ingredients. Maximum speed.

Toss salads and dressing together, using hands: this will allow you to combine all the ingredients in the perfect way.

You can prepare the salad 15 to 20 minutes ahead to let to marinate the salads.

NOTE: No olive oil or other grease has been used in this recepie.

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