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Asian-Mediterranean Chicken

Today for lunch I prepared myself a chicken thigh with Mediterranean, Indian, and Japanese spices.

No oil is needed for this recipe!

4 chicken thigh

4 tbsp fresh basil and thime leaves

3 tbsp masala chicken powder

2 tbsp pickeled ginger

4 gloves garlic

2 medium onions

2 apples

3 oranges juice

1 lemon juice

2 cups plain yogourt


2 cups boiled quinoa

Take off the skin from thigh.

Mince ginger, garlic, onions and apple and pour in a non sticky frying pan. Add orange and lemon juice. Lay the chicken thigh over the mixture, rolling over.

Coock 10 minutes per side or until the juice has reduced. Pour salt.

Take out the chicken and stir the yogourt in the remaining sauce that I served aside in the dish.

Mix the quinoa with minced basil and thime leaves and serve togheter with the chiken thigh.

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