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Do you know about the origins of the TORTELLINI SHAPE? Everything begins with a vicious war between MODENA and BOLOGNA, started with the robbery of a bucket. The OLYMPIAN GODS come down to Earth and decide to rest in their usual hotel, where the owner spies on VENUS, the goddess of, through the keyhole of her room. Bowled over by this vision, he rushes off to his kitchen, rolls out some fresh egg pasta, and come up with a shape inspired by Venus’s NAVEL.

-For about 1000 tortellini-

300 gr pork loin

300 gr prosciutto

300 gr genuine mortadella from Bologna

450 gr parmesan cheese

3 chicken eggs

nutmeg to flavour

For the broth:

1 kg of beef

1/2 farmyard cappone (hen)





It must be very through: you must put a mixture of salt, pepper, rosemary and garlic on the loin and leave it in a pan for two days, then cook it on a slow frame adding a little butter. Take it out of the fire and clean it from the mixture. Then mince the pork, the prosciutto and mortadella very finely and knead everything with parmesan cheese and eggs. Add the flavour of the nutmeg. The dough must be mixed for along time until it is well amalgamated and it must rest for at least 24 hours before filling the tortellini.

Of course the excellence of the filling depends on the quality of the raw materials. In order to taste a good tortellino you must prepare an excellent broth which you can make putting a farmyard capon into the water and adding those parts of the beef that are notoriously suitable for broth, such as the brisket etc.

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