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Pasta with Mint Pesto

Today I spent all afternoon gardening on Villa Cocles terrace and I ended up with bunches of mint........

400 gr linguine

3 cups fresh mint leaves (washed and rinsed)

3 garlic gloves

8 Tbs Evo oil

2 tsp salt

2 ice cubes (to prevent mint chenge color)

8 Tbs Pecorino cheese (grated)

Chilie pepper flakes

Bay leaves (for decoration)

Boil water for pasta.

In a food processor mix all the ingredients, apart from Pecorino cheese. Poor the pesto into a seving bowl. Add Pecorino cheese and mix all.

When pasta will be cooked al dente, drain it and poor it in the serving bowl.

Serve in dishes with extra Pecorino cheese, some chilie pepper flakes and bay leaves to decorate.

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